Landscape Boulders

Famous Yuba Blue Boulders are the best boulders in the US for landscaping, waterfalls and ponds. They are naturally smooth from live stream action. Some are extremely smooth and are very people friendly. Yuba Blues are extremely durable and luster increases with exposure to the elements and therefore look even better years after being installed in your project. No other stone does this and that’s why Yuba Blue Boulders have the reputation as being the best. Natural colors vary from grays to bluish grays to blackish and greenish hues. From a distance most Yuba Blues look bluish; some folks think they look greenish. Yuba Blues come in basketball size to car size.

Healing Garden

Featured Project by Gjen Tara Landscape Design Garden, Woodside, CA.


For two years this portion of the garden waited for the right opportunity to be completed. We were brought in to construct this small but very difficult portion of the garden; the pond and waterfall feature. “As garden builders, when we do our best work, we work with those so called forces of Nature and this creates a synergy that we could never accomplish on our own.” Such was the case with this stone feature.

“Yuba Blue” stone was selected for its natural beauty and inherent healing qualities. This stone consists of a basalt base with magnetite (it is magnetic), and several semiprecious minerals of jasper, agate and fine gold laced throughout the stone. Generally it was polished smooth by the river action and ion particle movement within its atomic structure. Much of the outer stone is covered in a beautiful patina of a green jade like mineral.

Four pools and ponds cascade downwards and were integrated into the existing swimming pool. An Ozone generator sanitizes the water system so swimming, plants and fish are all comfortably accommodated. Stepping stone paths in the ponds are laid out in a spiral fashion, creating a directional water flow which activates and accelerates the ion field in the stone; emanating a type of healing force from this system. Thus the natural magnetic field in the stone, the engineered function of the design and the inherent visual beauty of the composition, create not only an enduring work of art but a real component in what is called a Healing Garden!